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Hearty, Old Fashioned & Delicious

When Lloyd and Helen started the cruises in 1982 there was concern about what kind of meals to serve in competition with traditional cruise ships.

Back on the farm Helen had been cooking for farm vacation guests for several years so Lloyd suggested we serve old-fashioned farm meals on the ship.

Since 1982 the menu has remained largely the same. Meals are served at one seating. Breakfast is served at 8 am, lunch at 12 noon and supper at 6 pm. All food and baked goods are prepared in the ship’s galley. A Bruce County abattoir, the Beefway, provides our meats, and we are particularly proud of their cured bacon and sausages.

Helen’s legacy of ship’s menu and recipes has been printed in her cookbook, and is available to passengers on board ship.

Our ability to modify the set menu for anyone with a restricted diet is quite limited. Please discuss any dietary restriction with our office prior to booking.