Cancellation Policy

Ontario Waterway Cruises Inc. is pleased to provide passengers with a refund plan by which reimbursement of the cruise fare paid (less the cancellation premium) may be made in the event of cancellations anytime prior to scheduled departure under the applicable conditions listed below. While our cancellation refund plan provides cover for certain applicable medical cancellations prior to departure, there is no provision for any refund of fare for a passenger who becomes ill during the cruise and is unable to complete the cruise.  In this regard, the purchase of additional third party travel/medical cancellation insurance may provide some benefit.

Applicable Cancellation Conditions:

  1. Sickness or bodily injury of yourself or your traveling companion,
    • Death of yourself or a member of your immediate family as defined,
    • Death of your traveling companion or member of their immediate family,
  2. A disaster which renders your principal residence uninhabitable,
  3. Your being quarantined or hijacked,
  4. Jury duty of yourself, or excluding law enforcement officers, your being subpoenaed as a witness in a case being heard during the period of your trip.

In the event that the entire cruise is cancelled by Ontario Waterway Cruises Inc., all monies paid toward the passage fare (less the cancellation premium) will be refunded without interest.  As stated above, the cancellation refund plan premium is not refundable.  A partial refund of fare in the event of the cruise being cut short by Ontario Waterway Cruises Inc. will be made for unused full days.

Exclusions under which this refund plan does not cover cancellation:

  1. War or any act of war (declared or undeclared)
  2. Suicide or any attempt there-at, or commission by yourself or the attempt to commit a criminal act or intentional self-injury.
  3. Emotional disorders
  4. Abuse of medication, drugs or alcohol.


  1. “Immediate family member” means your legal or common-law spouse, legal guardian, parent, step- parent, grandparent, grandchild, in-law, natural or adopted child, step-child, brother, half-brother, step-brother, sister, half-sister, step-sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or business partner.
  2. “Traveling companion” means the person with whom you are to share double occupancy accommodation during the cruise, and does not include other members of a group with whom you may be traveling or with whom you may have booked together.

Special Conditions:

  1. When a cause of cancellation occurs prior to the departure date, you must notify Ontario Waterway Cruises Inc. by telephone as soon as possible. If you reach our message machine during or after office hours, please leave a message.
  2. All claims must be accompanied by documentation verifying the cause of cancellation.  For medical cancellations, a signed letter or medical certificate from your doctor on either the hospital, clinic or doctor’s letterhead will be required.
  3. If your “Traveling companion” cancels for any reason, you have the option of finding a substitute traveling companion or paying the single supplement if you still want to go.

Claims Procedures:

  1. Inform Ontario Waterway Cruises Inc. of your cancellation by phoning our office at 1-800-561-5767.  If you reach our message machine during or after office hours, please leave a message.
  2. You will be sent a Claim Form for completion,
  3.  Send the following by mail to Ontario Waterway Cruises:
    • Completed claim form
    • Unused cruise ticket(s) or confirmation of booking,
    • Documentary evidence that an “Applicable Cancellation Condition” as outlined above was in fact the cause of cancellation. In the case of a medically related cause of cancellation, a signed, written diagnosis must be furnished by the legally qualified physician in active personal attendance in the city or locality where the sickness or accident occurred. The “letter” must be on either the hospital, clinic or physician’s letterhead and specify the exact reasons why boarding was not possible. Failure to provide such medical evidence shall invalidate any claim under this refund plan.
    • NB: Keep copies of all papers sent to our office for your record.
  4. Your claim will be reviewed to ensure it meets all conditions, exclusions and definitions above
  5. Final disposition of the claim.

Other Reasons for Cancelling:

There are various other non-medical reasons why people decide to cancel their cruise. Cancellations for reasons other than those stated in the “Applicable Cancellation Conditions” section outlined above will be handled as follows:

  • Prior to 60 days before departure, full refund less $200./person/cruise.
  • Prior to 30 days before departure half refund of the total fare.
  • 30 days and under no refund.