General Info

“Spending time on a river cruise with the Kawartha Voyageur family makes your vacation trip truly memorable. Good food, new friends, no stress, and beautiful scenery makes your experience with us easy to enjoy.” – Captain Marc

Departure and Return

Departure Bases
KAWARTHA CRUISE – Peterborough
QUINTE CRUISE – Peterborough

Chartered Bus
When the ship is at the departure base at the start of the cruise, we return you by bus to your car by 5 pm at the end of your cruise.
This would apply to the following cruises:
          – Peterborough to Big Chute
          – Peterborough to Kingston
          – Kingston to Ottawa

When the ship is not at the departure base at the start of your cruise, we bus you to the ship and then you cruise back to your car
arriving by 2 pm at the end of your cruise.
This would apply to the following cruises:
          – Big Chute to Peterborough
          – Kingston to Peterborough
          – Ottawa to Kingston

Boarding Time
          8:00 pm when boarding ship at the departure base
          5:45 pm when boarding bus at the departure base to be taken to the ship

For additional details regarding the cruise itinerary, please see click on CRUISES in the menu above.


Parking charges are included in your fare – subject to the conditions of the parking lot owner. No trailers are allowed. No motor homes over 22 feet are allowed. Parking location for all Kawartha and Quinte cruises is in Peterborough. A parking registration card will be sent to you ahead of time or in the case of a last minute booking it will be provided when you arrive. Parking location for all Rideau cruises is in Kingston. At the end of your cruise, we will provide you with a parking pass which will cover the charges for the cruise period. Please note that you will be responsible for any overnight parking charges that you may incur prior to or after the cruise.

Public Transportation

Call 1-888-438-6646 for GO BUS service to Peterborough from Toronto or 1-866-488-4452 for MEGABUS service from Toronto to Kingston or Ottawa to Kingston.  For train service to Kingston call VIA RAIL at 1-888-842-7245.   Direct transportation by way of passenger van service is available throughout the day between Toronto International Airport and Peterborough.


Casual clothes should be chosen for the season.  Leave your dinner jacket and tie at home. You will need attire to get to the showers which are down the hall.


If necessary, luggage may be stored for a few hours at the Holiday Inn in Peterborough and Kingston. Both locations are adjacent to our docks and parking.
On request, we provide free luggage transfer between our parking lot and the ship.


During the cruise passengers care for their own cabin. Towels, bedding, liquid soap and shampoo are provided on board.  Hair dryers are not provided.

Personal Health

As indicated in our Terms and Conditions, it is very important that all passengers are in good health and do not present undue problems for crew or fellow passengers. Passage may be declined at any time before or during the cruise as per our Terms and Conditions.


Our small bar has a limited selection of the more popular alcoholic beverages at $4.25 per drink plus tax. All other beverages are free.

No Gratuities

Ontario Waterway Cruises has a No Tipping policy. We request that all passengers abide by this policy.


Smoking or Vaping is not permitted on board ship.

Cannabis Products

On our QUINTE cruise route, the ship crosses the border over into US waters. Transporting cannabis in the St. Lawrence Seaway or across the border in any form including any oils containing THC or CBD is a serious criminal offence subject to arrest and prosecution.  In this regard, such products are not permitted on board the ship during any QUINTE cruise.

Age Restriction

Children under 13 are not permitted.

2023 COVID-19 Protocols (as of May 2023)

After 3 years of various regulations and extensive public education, our governing health authorities have repealed many of the COVID-19 related regulations and left the general public to decide for themselves what personal protocols they feel are necessary to protect their own personal health.

Ontario Waterway Cruises will NOT be requiring our 2023 passengers to be “fully vaccinated” and our 2023 passengers will NOT be required to provide proof of a current COVID booster vaccination.  However, our Ontario government health authorities continue to advise everyone to remain “fully vaccinated” by following the current “booster shot” recommendations.

While masks are no longer mandatory anywhere onboard ship or our chartered bus, the Ontario government has continued to encourage the use of masks whenever social distancing is difficult to maintain or you are not feeling well, so please feel welcome to use a mask if you so choose. This option to either wear or not wear a mask will remain subject to change according to the ongoing health and safety considerations of our governing health authorities. 

Ontario Waterway Cruises Inc. will continue to refine and update our policies and procedures regarding COVID-19 as considered appropriate.    

Our Passengers

Almost all passengers range in age from fifty up with most in the late sixties to mid eighties. The ship is not licensed to carry children under 13. On rare occasions, a teenager accompanies a grandparent. Many passengers have traveled widely, and many are heritage buffs interested in these unique waterways so carefully preserved by Parks Canada.  Those who have participated in Road Scholar (Elderhostel) programs will enjoy a kindred personal growth adventure on the Kawartha Voyageur. Most passengers no longer want the rigors of the highway or of bus tours. Rather they enjoy walking on board to their cabin, stowing their luggage, and leaving the world behind for the duration of their cruise.  Approximately 85 percent of our passengers come from Ontario, 10 percent from across Canada and 5 percent from the USA (particularly the northeast).
Repeat and word of mouth business is in the eighty percent range with many returning to their “adopted” home year after year.

Border Crossing

When entering Canada or returning to the United States, US citizens will require a passport. Passengers from outside of Ontario should review their medical plan to determine if additional insurance is needed to cover medical expenses in the event of an emergency while you are in Ontario.

As of October 2022,  all COVID related restrictions for travellers entering Canada have been removed.

However, it is always good to check the following website for any future change.