Your Summer Experience

This is your opportunity to travel while you work and have the
experience of a lifetime not far from home.

When you work for our small, family owned and operated company for the summer, you are not just a number, you become part of the Kawartha Voyageur family. Your experience, while hard work is definitely involved, will come with an unparalleled opportunity to meet new people and explore the unique communities in small town Ontario which are located on heritage waterways.  On occasion, when the weather is just right, all work pauses for a swim stop! Expand your knowledge of yourself and your capabilities in a well-organized environment. Fresh air, nature, and positivity, what could be better than working on the water for your summer experience.

Job Satisfaction
Whether you are a cook, server or deckhand, you will feel the satisfaction of a job well done for an appreciative passenger. There is no greater satisfaction than making people happy and adding joy to the world and seeing others appreciate your hard work!
Your Experience
Make your experience the best summer of your life, by working on the water, meeting people from a range of backgrounds and learning new abilities. Work in friendly team environment and live aboard ship with the rest of the crew, as the ship becomes your home away from home. Venture off the ship to explore the communities and heritage waterways to enhance your experience, or simply enjoy a few hours off, boating on the water.
Build Your Skills
Learn more about hospitality as you work with our close knit team. No skills are required, just a positive attitude willing to work hard and help others. Get experience to continue on your shipboard experiences, work an environment with seniors, gain culinary experience or work experience for other hospitality fields. Or just save money for the summer to move on to your next adventure!
I’ve been able to meet great friendly, inspiring people - guests and employees while gaining invaluable experiences. Great job to have if you are working on finishing your post-secondary degree.



Positions Available:

Servers - dining room setup, serving, cleanup, dishes, bar, food prep, housekeeping

Deckhands - handling lines, cleaning, laundry, housekeeping, dishes, food prep, bar

Cooks - preparation and ordering from preset menus and inventories, galley cleaning and prep dishes

Season - all 2024 jobs are from May 1 to October 19.  An employment contract is to be signed.


Hours, Rates, and Transportation:

Work Schedule: Most cruises are for 5 day duration. All crew rotate, working 2 cruises on and 1 cruise off, which means normal rotation is 10+ days on and 4+ days off (reporting for duty by 2:30 pm at the ship on the fifth day).

Transportation: Our van transports crew going on and off rotation between Orillia and the ship, whether it is in Ottawa, Kingston, Peterborough or Big Chute. Free parking is available at our Orillia home base.

Hours: Each cruise is 5 days and includes 50 hours of work, time-tabled according to the ships routine.

Pay Rate: An effective blended rate of pay includes the set amount of overtime.

Servers and Deckhands $19.

Cooks $22.

Room and Board: Crew live aboard ship when they are working and share a 3 berth cabin. The crew enjoy the same food menu as the passengers.



Training: Ship safety and regular duties training will be conducted from

                                              May 01 - May 08

Required Certification:  - Smart Serve

                                        - Provincial Health and Safety at Work


Transport Canada Regulation

On September 30, 2022 Transport Canada removed mandatory COVID19 vaccination requirements for cruise ship crew members.  However, they continue to strongly recommend that all cruise ship crew be fully vaccinated for COVID19.  In the event that Transport Canada decides to reinstate their previous policy of mandatory COVID19 vaccination for cruise ship crew members, Ontario Waterway Cruises will be required to obtain proof that all of our crew members are fully vaccinated for COVID19.  In this regard, Ontario Waterway Cruises encourages all 2024 crew to be proactive and reduce the risk of serious "long" COVID19 illness by keeping up with the recommended COVID19 booster shots. 


Get on-board, and become part of our family.


Snail Mail?

Those who view themselves as more traditional individuals can
forward a typed resume with a handwritten cover letter to:

Robin Ackert – Hospitality Manager
Ontario Waterway Cruises Inc.
Box 6, Orillia, ON
L3V 6H9